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Starring Oscar® nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and comedian Mike O’Connell (Funny People) director Sol Tryon’s critically acclaimed debut feature is a timeless fairytale with a biting sense of humour, sure to be a cult classic.

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“Irrepressibly hilarious” 4 STARS CRITICS’ CHOICE

“One of the most original American movies of the decade”

“Precise, hilarious and mind-expanding”

Starring Oscar® nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and comedian Mike O’Connell (Funny People) director Sol Tryon’s critically acclaimed debut feature is a timeless fairytale with a biting sense of humour, sure to be a cult classic.

When self-proclaimed genius K. Roth Binew (O’Connell) learns his life will be cut short by a grave but unnamed illness, he decides to go out in style – with a living wake. Accompanied by his faithful assistant Mills (Eisenberg), K. Roth spends his final day on earth revisiting all the people who touched his life – from the village prostitute to his estranged mother – in order to invite them to his grand finale.

Extensive DVD bonus features, including "The Re-Education of Mills Joquin", a short film which chronicles the early friendship of K. Roth Binew and Mills Joquin; “Musings with K. Roth Binew" featurettes; deleted scenes; a commentary with Jesse Eisenberg, director Sol Tryon and cinematographer Scott Miller and a commentary with Mike O’Connell and co-writer Peter Kline.

Additional Information

RRP £ 15.99
Certificate 15
Director Sol Tryon
Cast Jesse Eisenberg, Mike O'Connell, Jim Gaffigan, Ann Dowd
Language English
Year of production 2007
Country USA
Aspect ratio 1.78:1 anamorphic
Audio 5.1 surround
Region 2
Format PAL