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Welcome to the online store for Axiom Films, a leading independent production and distribution company based in the UK. Here you will find DVDs, Blu-rays, posters, books and other merchandise related to Axiom’s releases; a one-stop shop for some of the best in world and independent cinema.

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From award-winning director Ivan Sen (Beneath Clouds, Toomelah), MYSTERY ROAD is a gripping and intelligent modern-day take on the western. Beautifully shot on location in the Australian outback, the film features a stellar ensemble cast including Aaron Pedersen (The Circuit), Hugo Weaving (The Lord of the Rings), Jack Thompson (The Great Gatsby) and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood).

£ 11.99


From award-winning director Ivan Sen (Beneath Clouds, Toomelah), MYSTERY ROAD is a gripping and intelligent modern-day take on the western. Beautifully shot on location in the Australian outback, the film features a stellar ensemble cast including Aaron Pedersen (The Circuit), Hugo Weaving (The Lord of the Rings), Jack Thompson (The Great Gatsby) and Ryan Kwanten (True Blood).

£ 15.99


Winner of the Best New Director award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, Benedikt Erlingsson’s critically acclaimed debut feature OF HORSES AND MEN is a darkly comic country romance about the human streak in the horse and the horse in the human. Set in the stunning Icelandic countryside, love, death and sex become interlaced in this playful, affectionate yet unflinching portrait of a remote valley community as seen from the horses’ perspective.

£ 15.99


Awarded Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema at the 2014 BAFTAs, Peter Greenaway explores the life of celebrated 16th century Dutch painter, printer and engraver, Hendrik Goltzius, in a brilliant showcase of Greenaway’s legendary trademarks of breathtaking visuals and provocative subject-matter.

£ 15.99

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ZERO DEGREES is a remarkable collaboration between four of today's most respected artists. Moroccan-Flemish SIDI LARBI CHERKAOUI is well known for his work with Les Ballets C. de la B. while AKRAM KHAN is world renowned for developing his own 'contemporary Kathak' style, winning numerous awards. For Zero Degrees they bring their unique styles together in this spellbinding piece of dance.

£ 12.99


His path to enlightenment began with revenge… In his directorial debut, Buddhist lama Neten Chokling vividly presents the captivating story of Milarepa, the man who would become Tibet’s greatest yogi. TWO-DISC SET, including "TEACHINGS ON MILAREPA" (175 mins), featuring contributions from Buddhist luminaries such as Khandro Rinpoche, Ani Pema Chödrön, director of MILAREPA Neten Chokling Rinpoche and many others.

£ 9.99


Laurent Bouhnik's Q is a probing look at the nature of sexual impulses and the unique intimacy that only sex can create between two people. When the enigmatic Cecile walks into the lives of a group of conflicted teenagers, their deepest-felt sexual urges are unleashed and their worlds changed forever.

£ 8.99


This major work brings together two of today's pre-eminent dance talents, AKRAM KHAN, world renowned for developing his own 'contemporary Kathak' style, and international superstar SYLVIE GUILLEM, as they explore the dynamics and language of two great classical dance forms, kathak and ballet.

£ 12.99


GIACOMO PUCCINI's immortal opera is brought to life in a lavish new feature-film version directed by Academy Award nominee ROBERT DORNHELM (The Children of Theatre Street) and starring the opera world's "dream team", soprano ANNA NETREBKO and tenor ROLANDO VILLAZON.

£ 12.99