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Winner of the 2011 Oscar & Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Film, IN A BETTER WORLD is a gripping drama about revenge and the power of forgiveness from internationally acclaimed director Susanne Bier (After The Wedding).

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"Deeply powerful and moving" 5 STARS

"A master storyteller" 4 STARS - CRITICS' CHOICE



"Utterly gripping" 4 STARS

Winner of the 2011 Oscar & Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Film, IN A BETTER WORLD is a gripping drama about revenge and the power of forgiveness from internationally acclaimed director Susanne Bier (After The Wedding).

From a war-torn refugee camp to the deceptively idyllic Danish countryside, two fragile worlds are inextricably linked by conflict and violence. Anton is a doctor whose work bridges the divide between these two dramatically contrasted lands and who must confront an unavoidable moral dilemma. His son Elias, the victim of school bullies, forms a friendship with the troubled Christian, but this soon transforms into a dangerous alliance.

IN A BETTER WORLD is a powerhouse piece of filmmaking that asks demanding questions about violence and the difficulty of ‘turning the other cheek’.

Bonus features include a feature-length commentary with director Susanne Bier and editor Pernille Bech Christensen, an interview with Susanne Bier, deleted scenes, stills gallery and theatrical trailer.

Additional Information

RRP £ 15.99
Certificate 15
Director Susanne Bier
Cast Mikael Persbrandt, Trine Dyrholm, Ulrich Thomsen, Markus Rygaard, William Jøhnk Nielsen, Wil Johnson
Language Danish and English
Year of production 2010
Country Denmark
Aspect ratio 2.35:1 anamorphic
Audio Stereo 2.0, optional 5.1
Region 2
Format PAL